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About this website

My name is Michael Judd and I am the creator of this site. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be able to experiment creatively. I would find something interesting, try and figure out how it works, then move on. Things like social networking sites, dating sites, self-publishing books and even making a website. Some of the things I have discovered I have really enjoyed working on, other things not so much.  I have not learned coding, and I really tried to discover things that most people could reasonably afford to create, mostly because I couldn't afford it otherwise. I am continuously surprised about creative things I come across. The one technology I am really excited about is turning your photos into paint by number sets. the technology is still a little lacking on detailed pictures, but I think the concept is cool.  Did you know there is software for you to make your own comics/graphic novels and have them published? Do you want to have your own clothing line? Start by selling your own t-shirts on-line. It's print on demand so you won't have any inventory, and once you make a name for yourself start adding your own designed clothing. Did you know there is software for clothing design? Did you know you can create your own trading cards? Your own flags? Heck start making people family crests, or flags of your local school or town and sell them. Did you know you can make your own computer games? fantasy maps? digital art? (like the pic on the left) All of this for relatively little or no money. Click the resources button above for more details, and remember - anything I can do you can do better.

Coming Soon(ish)

What is the Endgame Conference?

The Endgame

The endgame conference is a global climate change conference designed to  allow scientists from all over the world present their evidence, proving or dis-proving that  global climate change is real. the conference will give us an understanding of what to expect and how we as a species can prevent it. Climate deniers will be able to present their evidence  so that we the people can finally learn the truth one way or another.  Watch the video  below.

(above) The first episode of the OSB podcast

Outer Space Boy a Super Hero story is finally available to watch on YouTube.  For the first time I am inviting filmmakers of all ages and experience levels to join the Outer Space Boy Universe. It's simple, I give you a free license for you to reference the elements I have created in Outer Space Boy, and you make a super hero movie, and you keep the rights to your movie. Of course other filmmakers that join the Outer Space Boy universe can reference your characters and story plot, however they cannot use your characters or plot without your permission.  For more details go to and watch the video to the left.

Outer Space Boy - a Super Hero Story

Game time

I played the first testing of my fantasy RPG card game. (pic below) Has some work to go, but shows promise.

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