I created this picture using Daz3D software (yes it is copyrighted) so don't steal it. If you want to make pictures like these click the resources button above.

This is my book highlighting some of the digital art that I have created. Barnes and Noble is the printer, and it is available at Barnes and Noble on-line. Click the picture above to order the book.

This is another of my digital art pictures. I cannot stress enough the capabilities of Daz3D software for creating posters, book covers and art.

Above - a short video about the creation of my movie Outer Space Boy.


Below - a short video about the Outer Space Boy Shared Universe. Please watch this video if you are a content creator.

My movie Outer Space Boy - a Super Hero story

At the end of 2019 I started to put together a global climate change convention titled The Endgame Convention.  Shortly after starting, COVID hit and I had to postpone the convention. At the end of 2021 I started to create the Endgame Convention again. For nearly six months, I contacted more than fifty companies, celebrities, media and more, and nobody would help me. Apocalypse Tuesday is a documentary highlighting my efforts to assemble the Endgame Convention, and the projects I have postponed to try and make it.

Above - This is a link to the .pdf manual I have created for my fantasy role playing card game. This is a basic manual until I can refine it. Like everything it has been delayed by covid.


Below - This is a picture of my fantasy RPG I am creating. Testing has stopped because of the Endgame convention and Covid, but the game is slowly moving forward.



This is my funny movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill. Be warned! It may contain some offensive material for those that are sensitive. So don't watch it if you are.

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