The OSB Theory

Copyrights Uncensored

The American Film Market is a market held every year where film distribution companies buy, license and sell movies world wide. AFM 2018 is over and I had a productive time there. My main objective was to start a relationship with a company that could produce the 2019 Sidekick and Super Hero Awards ceremony. More companies than I expected showed an interest, so now I must follow through and build the relationships and make the SaSHAs relevant.

I recently wrote a small book titled The OSB Theory: Dark Matter and Dark Energy Revealed. The book explains my theory about the nature of dark matter and dark energy, and in doing so might actually prove the existence of the God, a God, many Gods or a turtle named Chuck. The OSB theory also explains why we as a species may exist, and what our purpose is in the universe. My first thought was to write it as a scientific paper, instead I decided to write it in a way that anybody that cares would be able to read it and understand it. The book is now available at places like Barnes and Noble (online) and

I just produced a small documentary about copyrights, creative commons and public domain titled Copyrights Uncensored. My hope is to bundle it with my movies Drama in the House on Haunted Hill and Outer Space Boy.


This is a documentary about a movie I made titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children. This was made back in 2002, and it was the first time I used digital technology. Boy how things have changed.

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