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  • RDMovies for filmmakers and distributors

    If I have my way there will soon be a flood of new movies by people all across America. Unfortunately that will put a big strain on distributors looking for content. RDMovies is a new film review designed to help distributors and filmmakers alike. The reviews are not given to the public, but to the filmmakers. Click the RDMovies button above for details.

  • RDRatings for filmmakers

    RDRatings is a new film ratings system designed for low and micro-budget movies.  Why? Details on that will be coming soon. Besides this is America, and I am doing it because I can. Expected to launch in August 2014

  • Michael calls for updated copyright laws.

    Public domain offers every American the opportunity to make money, as well as it greatly enriches our culture. Right now copyright terms are 120 years. If you do not know what public domain is click  HERE

  • SaSHAs

A clip from my movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill. This movie was made to inspire people, to show what can be done for very little money. Buy it! Watch it! it's really funny. You can buy a copy of it from the ad below.


Coochie was a hamster and someone killed Mrs. Lauren's Coochie

A promo trailer for Outer Space Boy - a super hero story

This is a chopped down version of The Making of God's Forsaken Children.  It was originally 80 minutes, this version is 63 minutes. While making my first feature film, I got a cyst on my brain, went bankrupt, had two cars repossessed, was evicted from the house I was shooting my movie in, I stayed, i was sued, lost everything I owned, and I had a blind cameraman. Yet I still managed to make the movie and had it play in a movie theater. This was created for no money back in 2001 at the beginning of the digital revolution. This was the first time I had used digital technology for filming and editing.

The angel Seville from my first God's Forsaken Children novel titled Holy Land. I am hoping to have the novel published in late 2014 or early 2015. This story will set the foundation for the next God's Forsaken Children movie titled Charades. Click projects button above for more details.


Set in present time - The angel Seville must unravel a puzzle in time to prevent a new world war.

Drama in the House on Haunted Hill is the first of three movies I am creating to inspire people of all ages to start creating. Now complete, and available to purchase. Click HERE for details.

You can catch a glimpse of it in my movie Outer Space Boy - a  super hero story. This is a map from my RDP Gildan fantasy role playing card game. Introduced a few years back at Cal Poly's Polycon gaming convention, I am hoping to have the game ready for distribution in 2015 (ish) depends on how busy I get with other projects. Working on this and writing my GFC novel are my two favorite things to do, but usually take back seat to the movies and SASHAs.


Outer Space Boy - a Super Hero story is the second of three films I am creating, each shot differently, and each  designed to inspire people of all ages to create. Now complete. Click HERE for more details.

We Exist is the third and final movie I am creating to inspire people of all ages to start creating. Now in pre-production. Click HERE for details.

Dude! I so want to cosplay one of these guys. Their costumes are made from foam rubber.

Not really - I am not much of a cosplayer. It's inspiring though