The documentary

A new super funny feature film now in production. Click HERE for details

They're not wrong, they're Wronger
Sony Creative Software Inc.

This is a documentary about a movie I made titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children. This was made back in 2002, and it was the first time I used digital technology. Boy how things have changed.

These are two clips from my feature length movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill.

My fantasy role playing card game. Details coming eventually

A promo trailer for Outer Space Boy - a super hero story

What happened to Outer Space Boy? Click HERE

This "documentary" follows Thrash, the bass player for Wronger. His history: He was the bass player from a Brady Bunch cover band called Marsha Marsha Marsha. While in the band there weren't enough girls so he had to be Marsha, and now that the band has broken up he has decided to create a new band. Wronger. Now you can follow Thrash and the others through the creation of the band, their rehearsal and their first gig.  This documentary is ground breaking (Because we dropped a guitar and it cracked the ground) and it will change your perception of the world of rock and roll forever. (or not)













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