Here it is, a rough cut of the first 15 (ish) minutes of Outer Space Boy. I will have distribution soon..

The angel Seville from my first God's Forsaken Children novel titled GFC: Holy Land. I am expecting to have this book published in 2015.

WE EXIST to shoot in the town of Amboy and the El Dorado gold mine

These are two clips from my feature length movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill.  This was the first feature I made to inspire people.  This movie is funny, funny, funny and I already have fans of the movie.

This is a documentary about a movie I made titled The Making of God's Forsaken Children. This was made back in 2002, and it was the first time I used digital technology. Boy how things have changed.

IT'S OFFICIAL!! You can see it in my movie Outer space Boy. This is my fantasy role playing card game I created and I will be premiering it at Cal Poly's Polycon convention June, 2015. I am really excited about this. Click projects button above for more details.

Help support my cause. Or better yet  help me feed my starving sea monkeys. (that was a joke PETA) Click the ad above and buy one of my projects.  Michael's - They Said What! - Drama in the House on Haunted Hill - The Cavern (I didn't make the Cavern, but I helped make it and you can see me in it if you look closely) Click projects button above for details about the projects..


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