Drama in the House on Haunted Hill

Back in 2004 I wanted to make a movie, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to make. After cruising around the web I came a cross an article about the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead. Apparently they screwed up after making the movie and didn't register the copyright correctly so the movie immediately went into the public domain, and the original filmmakers didn't make any money off of the movie. At the time I hadn't thought much about public domain, but after realizing that NOLD was in the public domain, I wanted to do something with it. I decided I would eliminate approximately half of the original footage, create new characters and put them outside of the house. One night I was mentioning to Michael Sires that zombies didn't make sense. How do they know that zombies are zombies and not living humans, and he said maybe they were aliens or vampires, and that hit me. I turned the zombies into the first stage of being a vampire, and that allowed me to create some cool vampire scenes.


After turning a long story into a very short one, Michael Sires and I came very close to having my movie made, but two other projects I was working on at the time left me broke and defeated, so I left southern California and moved to the central coast of California. Even though I basically quit Hollywood, I still have a creative bug, and I still wanted to do something with public domain. After learning that the classic horror film House on Haunted Hill was in the public domain, it was an easy fix. I got a copy of House on Haunted Hill from a company called Reel Media and I eliminated all of the audio, then I added my own audio and dialogue and made a completely new movie out of it.  i also renamed the movie Drama in the House on Haunted Hill because the characters are full of drama. This has turned into one of the funniest movies. In 2008 I tried to get distribution on Drama through normal Hollywood channels, but Hollywood wasn't interested. I had one distributor tell me she wouldn't know how to market. Now the industry has changed and now I can self distribute, so look for Drama in the House on Haunted Hill coming to a liquor store near you.




Mrs. Lauren had a pet hamster named Coochie and somebody killed Mrs. Lauren's Coochie. Now Mr. Lauren is obsessed weith finding Coochie's killer, so invites the murder suspects to his house in the guise of a party. Of course the house guests are too dumkb to know that they are murder suspects.



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