The Making of God's Forsaken Children


Way back in 2001 I was making a micro-budget movie using digital technology. The technology was new and I was using it for the first time. While making the movie I got a cyst on my brain, went bankrupt, had two cars repossessed, was evicted from the house I was shooting my movie in,  I stayed, i was sued, I lost just about everything I owned, and I had a blind cameraman. Yet I still managed to make my movie and have it play in a movie theater. The Making of God's Forsaken Children shows all of that and more. God's Forasken Children has set the foundation for my first GFC Novel, my game RDP Gildan and my next GFC movie titled Charades.


You can see the documentary below.

Jennifer (above) as the angel Scribble. This character is in my first GFC novel titled Holy Land.


Kelly (below) as the fallen angel Sula. She was kicked out of heaven for her lust for the taste of human flesh.

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