Outer Space Boy -  a super hero story


Outer Space Boy is a comedic mock-documentary taking place in a world where super heroes actually exist. This fake documentary is repeatedly referred to as a documentary in the movie, but it is made to look like a movie.


Outer Space Boy along with my projects Drama in the House on Haunted Hill, The Making of God's Forsaken Children and Wronger will all be used as demos for RDMovies and RDRatings. Distribution on Outer Space Boy will happen when I have other ducks in a row, so be please be patient.


This is the second movie I have made to inspire people to use technology to start creating. Outer Space Boy was made using a High Definition video camera. Yep that's it! I had no lighting, no crew, no makeup, although my friend Loretta from NeverWerks productions did the wardrobe. The entire movie was shot on location, and usually I had the location for two or three hours max, when you watch the credits in a regular movie, just remember in Outer Space Boy it was pretty much just me.


The plot

Danial wanted to make a documentary about super heroes, but what he did not expect was the adventure of a lifetime. Danial suddenly starts receiving manila envelopes that have the location to villains and heroes, and his documentary is thrown into a tailspin.





Outer Space Boy is the second film film to get a film rating from my new RDRatings. It has received a Rec12 which means it is recommended that the viewers be 12 years old or older.

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