What is RDMovies?



RDMovies is an opinion based rating system that gives filmmakers and distributors a unique independent rating of their movie. This can help distributors take a quick glance at the quality of the movie before they screen it, so they can sort through the screeners more quickly, and RDMovies can also help a filmmaker promote his or her movie.


                                      Why is RDMovies needed?


Currently the pattern for filmmakers is to make a movie, enter it into film festivals, then wait months and months to see if the movie wins something. Just from a business perspective that is a bad idea. Consider the process. Thousands, if not millions of dollars are invested into a movie, and the filmmaker is relieved that it is completed. Following the completion of the movie the filmmaker enters the movie into a festival or two or ten. Sometimes as much as six months in advance of the festivals. Meanwhile the festival may put restrictions on the distribution of the festival, so a filmmaker may be doing nothing with a film until it plays in the film festival. What if the festival does not accept the movie? Film festivals get lots of submissions maybe even 100 or more, yet they can only play a handful of them at the festival. So half or more of the films that have waited months to find out if they were accepted, have wasted their time. Even if the film was accepted it does not mean it will win an award. Some movies can go a year before going after distribution. Even winning a film festival doesn't guarantee distribution. RDMovie gives filmmakers a unique rating that goes directly to select film distributors that have partnered with RDMovies.


RDMovies was created first and foremost as a tool for filmmakers. The RDRating number does not go to a distributor unless the filmmakers allows it. The filmmaker may also use quites from the RDMovie critique to promote their movie. The RDMovie rating does not get published publicly until the movie has been distributed.


                                            How does RDMovies work?


RDmovies has three different parts to it. The first is a series of questions for the filmmaker to make sure that the film is actually distribution ready. Questions such as do they have all the rights to music and sound effects including sync rights? Do they have proper permits or rights from the locations they shot at? Do they have release forms? And more. This will be the first step in determining if the movie is distribution ready.


The second step is a numerical number between seven and one-hundred. The higher the number the better the rating. To achieve the rating the movie is broken into as much as 18 different categories such as directing, acting etc.


Each category has a number rating to it, such as 1 2 3 4 5 with 5 being the best, and 1 the worst. This number rating is for how technically well the category is made. An example is directing may be a 4 out of 5 for that category. The movie is extensively critiqued in each category, in writing and each category is scored. Once the movie has been viewed and the categories scored, the total number is tallied and that is the first part of the rating.  A movie may end up with a score of 73 out of 100, and that makes the movie a well made movie.


The second part of the rating is a letter based rating A B C D F with A being the best and F the worst rating. This rating is for how entertaining the movie is.  Once both parts have been rated the movie is given a final rating known as an RDNumber.  An example is a movie scores a 73 on the numerical rating and a D on the letter rating. The RDNumber would be 73D which in this case would imply that the movie was made well, but was not very entertaining. On the flip side a movie could score a 47B which means the movie was not very well made, but it was entertaining to watch. We have all seen those movies.


                                           What do I do with an RDNumber?


Once you have an RDNumber AND the critique, they can be a helpful tool to promote your movie. The RDNumber is released publicly only after the movie gets distribution, however the extensive critique is given to (you) the producer and/or distributor of the movie. The producer can use quotes from the critique to promote the film, use it to make changes to make the film better, and even help find distribution with it. Or they could do nothing with it. RDMovies is designed to be a helpful tool for filmmakers and distributors, as well as the general public.


Who critiques the movie?


For now I will. I have my three movies Drama in the House on Haunted Hill, Outer Space Boy and Wronger as examples of the critique. I am fortunate to live in an area that is right next to a college, and that means motivated, educated people that love movies. In the future every person that critiques your movie will be educated by me on how to recognize problems and critique your movie, plus the person(s) critiquing your movie will be from the demographics of your movie.


                                                                           How much does RDMovies cost?


Right now nothing. That may change in the future though.


                                           What if my movie has a low RDNumber?


First off, if you've completed a movie, regardless of how well (or not so well) it is, congratulations. Making a movie is hard, but completing one is even harder, and you deserve to be patted on the back. With that said . . . the first movie I ever tried to make way back when, was terrible, and that was on me. If you make a poorly made movie it is on you. If it is your first movie, chances are that it will be poorly made, and you probably won't get normal distribution, but don't get discouraged. A big reason for making the movie is for the experience and the memories. That in itself makes every movie a winner. Just because you don't get normal distribution, doesn't mean you can't self-distribute your own movie, and more and more filmmakers are doing so these days. Even movies that are well made and have bigger budgets.


                                           Can I see examples of RDMovies?


I have  four different projects I have created. Soon I will have RDNumbers for each.

   Category                                             Project I made                                          RDNumber


Feature film                             Outer Space Boy -  a Super Hero Story




Short film                                n/a


Animation feature/short         n/a


Documentary feature/short   The Making of God's Forsaken Children


Specialty feature/short           Drama in the House on Haunted Hill




                                            How do I submit my movie?

 Details coming soon.




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