What is RDRatings?


RDRatings is a new movie ratings system for all movies. Movies will be rated with a REC (recommended) number such as rec14 which means that a movie is recommended that a 14 year old or older watch the movie.



Why is RDRatings needed?


A few years back I read that Red Box only accepted movies with a rating, since then I believe they have changed that policy. Anyway at the time I thought that was not cool. At the time the only ratings system was the MPAA and it would be very difficult for low and micro-budget filmmakers to afford the MPAA prices for a rating. Without a rating they couldn't get the movie into Red Box. But whatever. As time went on I started to realize that there are some big flaws in the MPAA rating. Currently in the MPAA a movie can get a PG13 rating, which means that a movie patron must be 13 or older to watch the movie without an adult accompanying him or her. The next step up is rated R which means that a person must be 17 or older to watch the movie without an adult accompanying them. There is a huge difference in maturity between a 13 year old and a 17 year and RDRatings bridges that gap. Now a movie can be given a more appropriate age rating based on the content of the film. Let's be real some movies have too much violence for a 13 year old, or other content that a 13 year may not understand.



Will RDRatings cost anything?


Not in the beginning RDRatings, however at a later date it may require a fee, but at a fraction of the price as the MPAA. With every film that gets an RDRating a RDMovie number will be assigned. Currently the prices will be listed soon.


Are there examples of an RDRating?

Yes I have rated 3 of my projects.


Wronger - Rec15


Drama in the House on Haunted Hill - Rec13


Outer Space Boy - Rec12




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