Ok here's the what, when, where and why of Wronger.


Back in March of 2015 I was trying to put together a movie titled We Exist. I had already completed pre-production, and I was ready to start casting, so one day I set up a casting call. I contacted the local colleges, placed ads on-line, facebook, craigslist etc. and only two people showed up. At that point I knew We Exist was dead. I couldn't afford to cast out of Los Angeles, my budget only accounted for local talent.


I was working at Home Depot at the time, and a fellow associate named Martin Hernandez mentioned that he and a buddy were musicians and he asked me if I could shoot a music video for them, but I declined. Music videos are a creative pain in the butt, so I told myself if I was going to make a music video, I might as well just make a movie. That was when I became inspired to make a movie about a band.  Now what? I didn't have a band. Ok so I would have to make one up. Martin was a bass player and and his friend was a guitar player, so I figured that would be my foundations. I decided the easiest way to do this was like a mock documentary, that way I could find anybody and interview them about rock and roll and not have to worry too much about talent. Then I figured I would have to make everything up, so I mulled around for days on what the story would be. I decided Martin's character would be named Thrash, and the guitarist would be Slice, and the rest of the eventual band members would have goofy rocker names. I didn't have a script, although I did come up with a concept so I figured I would run with it.


Me being me, reasoned three things out. The first was since it was a "documentary" about a band I could build the story by interviews. The second was I needed a set of rules  for the story to work, a framework, so I quickly wrote the Rules and Regulations for Rock and Roll and Groupies. (now available on Amazon.com) The third thing I had to reason out was the tone of the movie. Did I want it goofy? Serious? Realistic? I decided one step funnier than the movie Spinal Tap. One note this movie was not inspired by Spinal Tap, though I did pay homage to the classic film.


One day I was at work telling Martin about what I wanted to do with the movie, and the band, and somehow somewhere in the conversation he said wronger and that instantly hit me, I was going to name the band Wronger. When I made Outer Space Boy, I used a large Panasonic HD camera, in the case of Wronger i wanted to use a DSLR, so I started doing research. After reading lots of reviews I settled on the Nikon D5200 camera because most reviews said it had gorgeous video. plus it was in my price range. (cheap)   WHAT THEY DID NOT SAY was that the camera had a hard time finding an aperture setting in automatic mode while in high contrast shots. The result was the shot would constantly go lighter and darker. You can see a bit of that in the sequence with the Fluties. The first shoot of the movie was Martin as Trash and his buddy as Slice the guitar player. I wrote a couple of scenes for them and we shot it. Then, his buddy moved to San Diego and Martin left Home Depot, and became increasingly hard to connect with. In the end I had to abandon all of their footage and  I would postpone shooting the band until I could get Martin back and other band members.


About this time I met Jackie, one of the coolest girls ever in the history of ever. After talking to her a bit I created a part for her, she would be Thrash's ex girlfriend, and she would be Grace, the lead singer of a made up band called The Festering Boo Boos.  I  had no crew, no audio crew, no assistants. It was just me and the actors. I only had a couple of hours at each location, and most of the locations I had never seen outside of photos, prior to me shooting. My friend Loretta from NeverWerks Productions would later jump on board and help with the wardrobe and produce the movie.


As I met people I would create parts for them, and I would write a two or three page script for them. I cast the actual,band of Wronger through the internet and didn't meet any of them until the day of shooting. We shot the photo shoot, scene, the rehearsal scene and the band's gig scene all in one day. UGH! What a long day. I only had Loretta to help me.


Wronger is the third film I've made using elements of public domain and/or creative commons to highlight them as another tool people can use to create.

Billie - the ex-guitarist for the band Marsha Marsha Marsha. He is arguably the best and most creative guitar player in the world.

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